COVID-19 Safety Protocols

At Ocean Park Optometry, the health and safety of our patients and team members continue to be our top priority. We have implemented many safety protocols and continue to update them as more information and resources become available.

We are open and available for eye exams, and contact lens and glasses purchases. We offer telemedicine for medical consultation and treatment. Our video portal is HIPAA compliant to protect your privacy. If a physical visit is deemed necessary, the fee for the telemedicine visit is applied to the office visit. Most contact lenses can be shipped to you directly. Most orders qualify for free shipping. You can order them over the phone or online on our website.


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Our opticians are available to style you for frames and to update your glasses. Please email, text or call us for more information at (310) 452-1039. We also hope that you will follow our Facebook page!

We are very serious about keeping our office safe. Below is a partial list of what we are doing to protect you!

  • Staff PPE - All staff wear scrubs, gloves, face shields and/or masks.
  • Patients' PPE - It is required that you wear a mask to the office. (Please see video below.)
  • Please be advised that only the patient can physically enter the office (with one parent if under age 18).
  • We offer quick pick-ups without entering the office. If adjustments to glasses are needed, an appointment is required to comply with social distancing.
  • We require a Covid-19 wellness questionnaire to screen patients with appointments prior to their visit.
  • We screen everyone with a infrared thermometer and pulse oximeter.
  • We frequently wash our hands, in between patients and throughout the day.
  • We supply hand sanitizer. While supplies last, we are giving away a travel bottle of hand sanitizer to each patient who arrives for an exam.
  • We use a commercial air sanitizer to constantly clean the air throughout the day and sanitize with a extra virucidal setting overnight.
  • We constantly sanitize surfaces that are touched.
  • We sanitize products such as frames with hypochlorous acid and/or UVC light.
  • We have strategically installed numerous sneeze guards and barriers where face to face interaction happens, such as the front desk, optical tables, in the exam room and on instruments.
  • We use digital instrumentation whenever possible to avoid close contact, such as Visioffice to measure for glasses orders and advanced imaging for the inner and outer structures of the eye.
  • We are shipping most contact lens orders directly to patients. Shipping is free for orders of 2 boxes or more.
  • We are using sterile solutions on contacts.
  • We use sterile techniques whenever possible.
  • We have implemented telemedicine and have remote communication capabilities.
  • We have modified our patient flow protocols, such as scheduling patients much farther apart than usual to minimize the number of people in the office and instituting remote check in capabilities.
  • We adhere to social distancing guidelines.
  • Our staff have access to COVID-19 tests and will not be in the office unless they are healthy. We have all been vaccinated.

Thank you and see you soon!

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