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Which Specialty Contact Lens Is Right for You?

Specialty contact lenses serve several conditions where conventional contacts are not suitable. They are especially helpful if you have an eye condition, as they are more comfortable to wear than conventional lenses. The conditions that require specialty contact lenses include:

Am I a Good Candidate for Neurolens®?

At least two-thirds of people experience the symptoms of eye misalignment. That number continues to grow with the shift to remote working and learning. Neurolens® is a revolutionary breakthrough that provides natural relief for these symptoms.

Top Signs You Should See a Doctor for Dry Eyes

Dry eye is a condition that develops when the eyes do not have adequate and quality tears. Tears are essential for the lubrication and nourishment of the eyes. The dry eye condition is characterized by a scratchy sensation in the eyes, burning, heavy eyelids, and eye pain. 

Contact Lens Exam vs. Regular Eye Exam

Your eyes are some of the hardest working organs in your body. You use them every waking hour to do almost everything. Thus, you need to visit your eye doctor regularly and practice good eye care habits.

What Happens During a Contact Lens Exam?

Contact lenses are a great option for people who want vision correction without wearing eyeglasses. Some people wear contacts as their primary vision correction source while others use them as alternatives.

How NeuroVisual Medicine Can Benefit You

Nowadays, technology permeates society in an unprecedented way. You will see younger and younger kids using digital devices, such as smartphones. While most digital devices can make life easier, too much screen time comes with some drawbacks. 

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