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Is Double Vision a Serious Symptom?

Most people experience double vision at one time or another, and in most cases, the condition is temporary. However, there are times when this is a sign of an eye or health condition. Also known as diplopia, double vision can be caused by various health conditions.

What Are Scleral Contact Lenses Used For?

Contact lenses are a convenient option for people who want vision correction without eyeglasses.

5 Major Health Problems That Eye Exams Can Detect

Routine eye exams have, over the years, become more than tests to measure your visual ability. The eyes are complex structures, and they can show if there is a hidden issue in your body. Just like oral health is linked to overall body health, eye health is connected with the body's health.

Can an Optometrist Test for Binocular Vision Dysfunction?

Many eye conditions exist, and as they become more complex, they require experts to diagnose them accurately. One such condition is BVD or binocular vision dysfunction. It is a very complex condition with a wide range of symptoms, making it challenging to identify and diagnose.

5 Common Signs and Symptoms of Vertical Heterophoria

Did you know that vertical heterophoria is often misdiagnosed? Vertical heterophoria is a binocular vision disorder where your eyes are vertically misaligned. It is a serious condition that causes severe symptoms if not treated. 

How Is Eye Misalignment Diagnosed?

Eye misalignment, also known as strabismus, is not very common. According to a study, about 13 million people, or four percent of Americans, have strabismus. Eye misalignment, as the name suggests, is a visual disorder where the eyes point in different directions. Usually, one eye will focus on a specific object of interest while the other eye turns. 

Do You Need Scleral Contact Lenses?

Soft contacts have been around for decades, offering benefits for patients requiring vision correction. Technology advancements have led to new contact lens designs and materials that enhance comfort.

Who is a Candidate for Scleral Lenses?

There are many different types of contact lenses, and a type that you may not have heard of before is scleral lenses. Scleral lenses aren’t like ordinary contact lenses. In fact, they have an entirely unique design that puts them firmly in the category of specialty contact lenses. As a result, they are primarily recommended for people suffering from corneal abnormalities, such as keratoconus.

Why You Need a Contact Lens Exam

If you plan to wear contact lenses, you will need a separate eye exam for contact lens wearers. The reason is contact lenses are medical devices. Therefore, the doctor needs to confirm that your eyes fit their use.

Can You Still Wear Contacts With Dry Eyes?

Contact lenses help correct vision, and patients wear them directly on the eye. If you have dry eyes, wearing contacts can be uncomfortable due to the lack of moisture. There is an increased risk of the lenses scratching the cornea. It is helpful to find out if you can still wear contacts with dry eyes.  

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