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With over 120 years of combined experience, and an unparalleled level of education and training, our dedicated staff will provide you with the highest quality of eye care and eye wear, in an atmosphere of compassion, professionalism and enthusiasm. Thank you for choosing Ocean Park Optometry.


Dr. Ito

Dr. Sarah Ito, Board Certified Optometrist

Orthokeratology - Myopia Management | Scleral Contact Lenses | Neuro-Visual Medicine

Dr. Ito is a therapeutic licensed optometrist who is trained in the treatment and management of visual conditions and eye diseases, specialty contact lenses, orthokeratology or myopia reduction and control, and ocular pre- and post-operative care. She is licensed at the highest level possible, with the ability to treat glaucoma and other eye conditions with prescription medications.

Dr. Ito is board certified by the American Board of Optometry, having met the requirements to achieve Diplomate status. She is enthusiastic about expanding her education and training and keeps abreast of all new developments in eye care science and innovations in eye care, contact lenses, frames, and lenses. She earned her Doctorate of Optometry degree from Southern California College of Optometry in 1993. She received her Bachelor's degree with honors from Occidental College in 1989. She also completed accredited programs at the California Institute of Technology, UCLA, UC Irvine, Korea University, Yonsei University (Korea), and Waseda University (Japan), where she spent a year as an international student.

​​​​​​​She is an early adopter of new technology and is eager to provide customized solutions for her patients. Dr. Ito received training from Dr. Debby Feinberg of Vision Specialists of Michigan in NeuroVisual Medicine to treat Binocular Vision Dysfunction to help patients with symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, anxiety and gait imbalance.​ She also emphasizes treatments for dry eyes, including procedures such as Lipiflow. She has completed the Managing Myopia Course as part of the Myopia Education Program through the world renowned Brian Holden Vision Institute Academy.

Dr. Ito was honored to receive recognition in the February 2020 edition of Women in Optometry magazine, a national publication by Review of Optometry, which was republished in the July 20, 2020 edition of the Make It Yours Monday newsletter.

  • Board Certified, Diplomate of the American Board of Optometry
  • ​Board Licensed, California Board of Optometry
  • National Board of Examiners Treatment and Management of Ocular Disease Certified
  • Diagnostic & Therapeutic Pharmaceutical Agent Certified
  • Lacrimal Dilation and Irrigation Certified
  • Glaucoma Certified
  • American Optometric Association Aviation Vision Course Certified
  • Corneal Refractive Therapy Certified
  • GOV Orthokeratology Certified
  • Orthotools Certified
  • Moonlens Certified
  • Kerasoft Certified
  • Synergeyes Certified
  • ​Zenlens Scleral Lens Certified
  • BlephEx Certified
  • Kamra Corneal Inlay Post-Op Care Certified
  • Certificate of Completion, Pave-Sanet Course in Vision Therapy
  • NeuroVisual Medicine Certified for the Evaluation and Treatment of Binocular Vision Dysfunction
  • American Pharmacists Association Pharmacy-Based Immunization Delivery Certificate of Achievement
  • Member of The American Optometric Association
  • Member of The American Optometric Association Contact Lens Section
  • Member of The California Optometric Association
  • Member of The Los Angeles County Optometric Society
  • Member of The American Academy of Orthokeratology & Myopia Control
  • Member of The International Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia Control
  • Member of The Scleral Lens Education Society
  • Member of The Optometric Extension Program (Enhancement of Visual Performance)
  • Member of The Society of NeuroVisual Medicine
  • ​Member of The Vestibular Disorders ​ Association
Dr. Magdalena Fuentes

Dr. Magdalena Fuentes, Board Certified Optometrist

Dr. Fuentes is a therapeutic, glaucoma certified and licensed optometrist. She earned her doctorate in optometry from Pacific University College of Optometry in Oregon. She is board licensed by the California Board of Optometry to practice full scope medical optometry. Dr. Fuentes is trained in the treatment and management of ocular diseases, such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and dry eye conditions, as well as cataract and Lasik pre and post-surgical care. She is very knowledgeable about vision correction surgeries.

Bringing vision to life is our practice motto and she truly believes there is a way to help everyone to see their full capacity. This is why she is certified and trained in contact lens specialties such as orthokeratology for myopia control, scleral lenses for keratoconus patients, hard and soft and hybrid lenses for everything in between.

Dr. Fuentes has a passion for giving back to the community and has volunteered for mission trips to Guatemala and Peru providing eye care to those who cannot afford nor obtain such care. She is bilingual and speaks Spanish fluently.

  • Board Licensed, California Board of Optometry
  • National Board of Examiners Treatment and Management of Ocular Disease Certified
  • Diagnostic & Therapeutic Pharmaceutical Agent Certified
  • Lacrimal Dilation and Irrigation Certified
  • Glaucoma Certified
  • Corneal Refractive Therapy Certified
  • Moonlens Certified
  • Synergeyes Certified
  • ​Zenlens Scleral Lens Certified
  • Neurolens Trained
  • Lipiflow Trained
  • Foreign Body Removal Trained
  • Vision Shaping Treatment Certified by Contex OK

Arvin Lardizabal, Practice Manager, ABO Certified Optician

Arvin has been in the optical industry for 18 years, with over 12 years in leadership. He is a board-certified optician. He has spent a significant amount of time understanding each aspect of optometry, such as eyewear manufacturing, patient care, and exceptional customer service. This allows him to utilize his knowledge of increasing efficiency and improving the level of patient care within the practice. As the Practice Manager, his goal is to enhance customer service and to provide a seamless experience for all patients.

Javier Alvarado

Javier Alvarado, Lab Manager, ABO Certified Optician

Javier is a board-certified optician and a graduate of American Career College. He has expanded knowledge of frames and lens materials. He strives to exceed your expectations in helping you select the best quality eye wear that best fits your lifestyle. He is experienced in lens manufacturing and is skilled in frame adjustments. Javier is eager to help everyone see a clearer future.

Luiza Lardizabal

Luiza Lardizabal, Optical Manager, Optician

With more than twenty years of experience in the optical field, Luiza brings extensive knowledge of frame and lens options to best meet our patients’ needs. She values the time she spends with each patient, treating each as family. She feels that she can do this best in a private practice setting like Ocean Park Optometry. She enjoys shopping and studying current fashion trends in clothing and accessory designs, which she then incorporates in selecting the best style for every individual she helps. She is currently preparing to take the American Board of Opticianry certification exam.

Antwanett Ragland

Antwanett Ragland, ABO Certified Optician

Antwanett has been in the optical field since 1995. She is an expert in customer service and an excellent personal eyewear style consultant. She has acquired special skill in dispensing as a result of her experience with fashion-forward, exclusive designs. She loves working with people and loves being an optician. Antwanett is in charge of customer service and is a board-certified optician.

Alberto Aramburo

Alberto Aramburo, Patient Care Concierge

Alberto is from Central Washington. He has several years of experience in customer service and has worked in various industries from retail to institutions of higher education. He earned an Associate of Arts and Science degree at Wenatchee Valley College and is looking forward to growing in the Optometry field. He is excited to work with the Ocean Park Optometry Team to provide every client with personalized service to ensure they have an excellent experience and that all of their unique eye care needs are met.

Xochitl Ramirez

Xochitl Ramirez, Patient Care Concierge

Xochitl joined Ocean Park Optometry to gain experience in customer service before progressing in her chosen career path. Her goal is to create a dynamic experience between our team and our patients. Throughout her college years, she worked in student led organizations for first generation college students. During the summers, she worked for construction companies. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from California State University, Chico.

Marco Romo

Marco Romo, Optometric Technician

​​​​​​​Marco is a Southern California native. He is very experienced in the world of customer service. He has examined many patients over the last several years. In his role as Optometric Technician, he is conscientious and sincere in his interest to meaningfully help patients. He is actively gaining experience to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming an optometrist.