How do I know if I may be a candidate for the Neurolens?

To find out, please take the brief e-Lifestyle Index Questionnaire by clicking below. If you are a candidate, you will receive the advanced testing using the specialized Neurolens instrument at no additional charge at the time of your examination. We can prescribe and provide Neurolens at our facility!​​

​​​​​​​ e-Lifestyle Index

What is the difference between NeuroVisual Medicine and Neurolens?

NeuroVisual Medicine is a comprehensive examination of the visual system to diagnosis and treat symptoms related to all types of eye alignment issues, in all directions. We often utilize the Neurolens in the treatment, if appropriate. We are able to incorporate alignment features in both horizontal and vertical directions.

Neurolens is an advanced instrument that evaluates how well your eyes align to distant and near targets. It is used to detect a subset of binocular vision dysfunction that may be causing symptoms referred to as trigeminal dysphoria. A special lens called Neurolens, which offers contour prism, is used to treat these symptoms. Neurolens focuses on horizontal misalignment when not associated with the NeuroVisual Medicine services.

Learn About NeuroVisual Medicine

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