2605 LINCOLN BLVD  SANTA MONICA  CA 90405 (310) 452-1039

Services now include Neurovisual Medicine for Binocular Vision Dysfunction in Santa Monica


          If you experience any of these symptoms, you should seek immediate care:

  •     Red, painful eye, especially if it is sensitive to light or accompanied by nausea
  •     Eye injury or blunt trauma
  •     Chemical burn (please continuously rinse your eyes with water and have someone else call for help)
  •     Foreign objects in the eye
  •     Sudden loss or change in vision
  •     Sudden onset of flashing lights or floaters (floating spots or clouds)

For a non-urgent message, you may use the form below.   Thank you.

For current patients only:

If you are experiencing an eye medical emergency during non-business hours,
Dr. Ito can be reached for consult at:

(310) 9060-ITO

During business hours, please call our office at
(310) 452-1039.

For sight threatening eye medical emergency, please call
911 for immediate assistance.